While it may not seem like a very “lean” part of your supply chain, warehousing is in fact very lean, when executed properly. Unlike the automotive industry, which operates in the hundreds of units production rates, aerospace production is currently a fraction of that. However, also unlike the automotive industry, many of the parts used in a plane are very large, and extremely expensive.

Forward Stocking Location

Because of their size and cost, it is often very cost efficient to build in large quantities and store the parts close to the end customer in a forward stocking location. The parts can then be delivered Just-In-Time (JIT) to your customer, making them happy, and saving you money. As more and more parts are outsourced to vendors further and further away from the end customer, forward stocking locations become a very important part of your business.

Aerospace Warehouse, not General Warehouse

Seat pallets that were assembled in our facility.Aero-Spaces specializes in handling and tracking aerospace parts, unlike your average public warehouse. Our facility is clean, well-lit, and routinely used for source quality inspection and even some light assembly or repair work. Our warehouse can accommodate long parts up to 35 feet or more (great for stringers and wing spars), small parts of any imaginable shape or size, and even temperature-controlled storage (contact us if you have very specific temperature requirements).

Our storage solutions will be custom-designed for your needs as almost all of our racks and bins are built specifically for Aero-Spaces according to our own specifications.