Returnable Containers

Returnable crates awaiting their return trip overseas!

One unintended consequence of outsourcing lots of work is the sheer amount of shipping containers needed to move it all. Buying or building more and more crates is expensive and time-consuming. If you instead buy crates that are more durable or designed for reuse, Aero-Spaces can pick those crates up from the OEMs, collapse them, and store them until a full shipment is ready for return to your facility.

What are the advantages of returnable containers?

They’re cheaper over time. They may cost more at the outset (though not always), but since you can get many more uses out of them, that cost is spread out considerably making them significantly less expensive. And with the cost of wood growing rapidly over the past couple years, “disposable” containers are getting increasingly more costly.

They’re greener. Many companies are looking at ways to improve their carbon footprint, and reducing the amount of timber your business consumes and the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill is a very easy and cost-effective way to be more environmentally friendly.