Quality Inspection

Calipers measuring a part

Among its many other logistics services, Aero-Spaces also provides source quality inspection as an additional benefit to its clients. With over 60 years of aircraft quality experience, our inspection staff is proud to be maintaining a quality record of over 99.8%.

Why use Aero-Spaces for source inspection?

Having your source inspection performed at Aero-Spaces allows you to combine services for maximum savings. For example, since Aero-Spaces also offers warehousing and part marking, why not have us take care of all three of those for you in one easy step?

A few things that our inspection staff routinely checks for include:

  • paint problems
  • basic contour issues
  • physical defects
  • customer-specific requests

Contact us today if you are interested in improving your quality rating with your customer. If you are the OEM and your vendors are having quality issues, suggest to them that Aero-Spaces could help them improve their quality.