Aero-Spaces is a unique addition to the aerospace supply chain. We specialize in solving any problems between manufacturers and the large aerospace OEMs. Our primary areas of expertise are in software that manages customer inventory and managed 3rd party logistics.

A Problem Solving Company

Aero-Spaces was started in early 2007 to solve a problem that a vendor had in meeting their customer’s shipping schedule. We provided them with transportation, warehousing, and most importantly, our custom inventory tracking software, and within a few short months, this vendor’s shipping performance rating at the customer had skyrocketed. Needless to say, that vendor has been our most loyal customer since that time.

Aerospace Specialists

Unlike most other warehouses, Aero-Spaces specializes in the handling and tracking of aerospace parts. We know how important it is to track lot and serial numbers, maintain traceability, and satisfy FAA record-keeping requirements. Many of our employees have backgrounds in aerospace engineering, computer science, and aircraft manufacturing. Aero-Spaces isn’t your average warehouse!

Extension of Your Business

Aero-Spaces wants to be part of your company. We don’t work for the large OEMs, we work for you. Our company will go to great lengths to make sure that your needs are met. As often as we can, and in as many ways as we can, we want to be relatively invisible in your supply chain, which means when we make you look good, you get all the credit.